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Thousands of protesters are expected in Santa Ana on Saturday for the Women's March, which aims to support women's rights, encourage more women to run for office and boost turnout in the next election. The fourth annual free event is expected to be one of more than 100 marches planned across the country that day, part of a movement that will take place around the world in response to President Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017.

Organizers and the city have declined to release the exact route of the Santa Ana march, citing safety concerns, but all streets in downtown Santa Ana will be closed to traffic during the march. During the march through the city center, city officials say, surrounding roads will also be temporarily closed, and motorists are urged to avoid the area in the late morning and early afternoon on Saturday. Flower Street will be closed on 6th Street, which runs from Boyd Way to Flower Street, while 6TH Street will be closed between Boyd Way and Flower Street. And the Flower Street will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All of those downtown Santa Ana streets will be closed to all traffic for the march.

If you are planning any of the above as part of your event, please inform your staff and you may be required to attend a special event where you are serving food. This includes the preparation of event plans and planning of event areas as well as the planning of food trucks and food retailers.

The fees are based on A County Fee Regulations A, which was approved by the Supervisory Board on May 1, 2015. The accepted payment method for an entry permit is through the County Permit Office at the Santa Ana County Courthouse in the city of San Antonio. In addition, a security deposit may be required and payment must be made in person or by mail to a county authorization office located at 1201 E. Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 92601.

There are on-street parking in several car parks that charge an hourly rate of $8 per car, but organizers are encouraging people to use ride-sharing services. For those under 21, people who reserve a seat in advance can hop on a bus and drop off or book a ride to the Santa Ana County Courthouse on Main Street in Santa Monica.

For any special event that takes place on the grounds of the county or on its right - or way - an admission permit is required. Events taking place in a number of counties require the insurance coverage of the applicant who meets the county's specifications.

Tents, canopies, generators and lighting may also be required and the applicant and his / her authorised representative must apply for authorisation at least two weeks before the event to be admitted.

A traffic management plan, as required by the Building and Fire Safety Code, may be required. Separate buildings may not be permitted unless they are required for the event. Building and Fire Protection laws may require the use of a separate parking space, multi-storey car park or parking structure for each event.

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