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La Quinta Inn in Buena Park is pet friendly and close enough to the beach to be pet friendly. Santa Ana Inn and Suites in the Santa Monica Beach area is pet friendly and within walking distance of the San Gabriel River and the ocean.

Dogs and cats up to 5 years of age are allowed in the lobby of the Santa Monica Beach Hotel and Suites. Dogs and cats under five years of age, but not older than five years, are allowed.

Laguna Beach Inn welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $50 per pet per night. The Hilton Irvine at Orange County Airport welcomes up to two dogs under 70 lbs. No additional fees for a stay of $75. Irvine West accommodates a dog under 80 lbs for an additional charge of $25 per night, and Hilton Santa Monica Beach Hotel and Suites accommodates two pets under 75 lbs for the same fee as the hotel, but with the option of a pet - day or evening off. For the additional cost of the $115 stay, you are welcome to stay with a dog or cat of your choice or a pet of all sizes for two nights.

Often referred to as the Naval Base of the Commanding General's Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton covers an area of 1.5 million square miles (3.2 million acres) in Orange County, California, north of Los Angeles. It borders San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Mateo counties and borders Cleveland, Ohio. The airport is located 15 miles from the center of Camp Pendleton and behaves like a domestic flight from Carlsbad, California.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton comprises part of 9 USGS 7, and most of the base's accommodations are located in neighboring Oceanside. Many travelers enjoy scenic views of the Pacific Ocean from the base, as well as the beaches and beaches of San Diego County. The O'Oceanside road map is the most basic version provided by the San Mateo County Sheriff and California Department of Health. In addition to a large number of self-contained communities and a variety of hotels and restaurants in and around Carlsbad and surrounding cities, Camp Pendleton is also home to many of California's most popular tourist attractions.

Some of the most popular attractions, such as the San Diego Aquarium, California Museum of Natural History and National Park Service Museum, are open 24 hours a day.

Read the House Rules section of the list and contact your host or contact the owner for more information about the hotel's rules and regulations. Read the rules for the San Diego Aquarium, California Museum of Natural History and National Park Service Museum and read the guidelines for other popular attractions in the city of Santa Ana.

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Marine Corps Base covers the mountainous, undeveloped area of Southern California that stretches along the west coast from Oceanside to San Clemente and is on my list of operations stations. Camp Pendleton is located in Santa Ana, California, bordering the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains to the north and the largest exchange in the Marine Corps to the south. The main gate, Pacific Plaza and Commissary are located at the main entrance of the base, south of Santa Monica Pier, north of San Juan Capistrano and west of downtown. It is also about a half-hour drive from downtown San Diego and adjacent to the US Naval Air Station in San Bernardino.

Camp Pendleton is located at the northern tip of San Diego and is the largest U.S. naval base in the United States and the second largest in Southern California. The large 92055 zip code covers a slightly larger average land area than other zip codes in the United States, but is extremely small compared to other areas of the country. Cities: The largest metropolitan area of Santa Ana, California, is located in Southern California and has about 1.5 million inhabitants.

This is a popular pendulum pattern, which leads to more car traffic on lines 76 and 15. During the week, the Riverside Line runs from Metrolink to Los Angeles and Pomona Station is served by Amtrak. Three times a week, the Orange County Line, the San Gabriel Valley Line and the Southern California Line run by Amtrak.

With the nearby Amtrak Coaster, hotel guests have more entertainment options. No matter what fun you have, you have thoughtful amenities hidden in your comfortable bed or in your room with a thoughtful amenity waiting to hide you.

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