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Orange County restaurants could reopen sometime in the coming weeks, Governor Gavin Newsom said, if the district is able to meet strict criteria and be ready to open new restaurants and malls by the end of the year. The county wants to launch a "second phase" of "reopening the economy," which would allow people to eat in restaurants in the mall.

Orange County has become a flashpoint of opposition to Newsom's order as it gains momentum in the wake of last week's beach closures in San Diego County. Regulators Michelle Steel and Don Wagner criticized the governor's move, saying he wrongly chose Orange County for its beach closure.

Orange County, home to most of the state's restaurants, has become the center of the enforcement debate. Last weekend, more than 100 restaurants and bars in Santa Ana and Orange County opened their doors in response to last week's beach closures in San Diego and San Francisco.

There is also a dinner with wine, beer, wine and cocktails, as well as cocktails and appetizers. Enjoy the whisky, have a glass of wine or beer for dinner and enjoy whisky while enjoying your meal.

If the answer to that question is no, forget to set foot in Santa Ana, near Trieu Chau, but give it a go. Here is a restaurant that is not a real restaurant, it is not a "restaurant," but it is not a "at" restaurant. Sign up for the weekly Eat Index newsletter and receive all the latest restaurant events in Orange County. Find out where you eat, what you do and more by signing up for the weekly newsletter Eat index's food.

You may be looking for fried tofu cubes dipped in sauce or some kind of meatballs. Get one of those burgers that Yelp reviewers rail against (which Quinn rails against for not wanting to fry them warm or medium - rarely), or a steak tartare or Ethiopian kitfo steak. They fan out like petals plucked from a petal and floating around in a boiling pot of water.

The best part is that, as we all know, the portions are very generous, which is an overall plus. If you're dining in a restaurant that's been around since 1905, this popular old school steakhouse will do something right and serve you an unforgettable meal. There are so many different types of meat, to be precise, that the food tastes even better.

There are only a few things you'll drool over in this place, but the ultimate source of America's favorite is roast chicken.

There are a few other interesting things on the menu that might force you to come to this place, but what you see here will leave you in awe. The grilled quail will behave and it is one of the most delicious things you can see in any restaurant in Santa Ana.

The carne asado is perhaps the greatest fried chicken steak this continent has ever seen, a slab of slow-cooked beef touched by wine and brown sugar to melt in the mouth to the point of tenderness. Carnitas pork ribs, like citrus agave glaze, are served with a side of cactus, grilled with coriander, cumin, garlic and a touch of salt and pepper. Crumbled cheese, cut into rectangles, pressed with your hands into rustic tortillas, the best of both worlds: the great chicken - fried steaks of the world and one of the most delicious cacti.

This hip shop lures its customers to a simple dining restaurant that boasts some of the most delicious food. The standard dinner rate is the standard dinner rate, but s'mores with a lot of history bebe for guests immediately a boost.

As the sign says, Musso & Frank's Grill has been in existence since 1919, although it was used as a restaurant when it opened in 1929. The restaurant, which has been in existence for over 90 years, is also located here. It is not only the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, but also one of the most popular restaurants in Santa Ana and the second oldest in Los Angeles County. This makes it the "oldest restaurant" on this list, but this gem has actually been around for a long time.

It would have made no sense to put together this list of several restaurants and not make it look like a pizzeria. It is very difficult to consolidate only 50 of them, but since this restaurant is dedicated to cooking some of the best dishes, it makes sense.

The trademark of this restaurant would be the strawberry croissants, which are super popular, but also a great lunch. Crosby's carnita torta is one of the few places where tortas trump hamburgers, for those who prefer a sandwich at lunch.

This restaurant on the specialty market has a well-known donut brand and also a wide selection of pastries. This mini-store brings a large number of customers from all over the region to Disneyland at weekends to play into the hands of the infamous donut.

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