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Located at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the Dumasag River features a cold, flowing river that offers spectacular views of Santa Ana, California and the San Gabriel Mountains. The 92-metre-high peak is the highest and consists of two famous rivers, waterfalls and nature reserves to visit.

Compared to tourist destinations worldwide, this area is more temperate than most, with temperatures ranging from the mid to high 80s to low 90s and a mild climate.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Santa Ana, the hottest months are September, August and then July. Temperatures can feel very comfortable with the humidity, but the chance of rain showers is high at the end of January, end of February and beginning of March. If you are looking for dry weather, it is June, September and August, then September.

Highs range from 75 to 8C, with highs in mid-to-late June and early July. Highs can range from 75 to 8 degrees in the summer months, but not as high as in July and August.

The tourism graph is based on Google searches for tourists who use the service in relation to the rest of the year. The data shown is calculated as a relative peak, so a figure of 37.9 in November means 37.9 tourists in July and 38.8 in August.

To avoid overcapacity, tourists are only allowed to stay in the fall area for a maximum of three hours and stay in one area. Guides are mandatory and day tour visitors must fork out at least $1,000 for a day trip and $2,500 for the entire trip. A typical island hopping should cost between $3,200 and $4,300 for boat rentals and about $5,400 for day trips.

As Baguio is on the other side of the map, it should take 9-10 hours to get through Tuguegarao City, the capital of Cagayan, and to reach Santa Ana Island, which appears in the distance.

The airport is located southeast of the intersection and Santa Ana can be reached from Baguio City, the capital of Cagayan, via the airport of Tuguegarao City. The airport, located at the southeast intersection, is located approximately 10 km south of Tungod City in the south - east of Bagayon - and is accessible by road from the northwest corner of San Fernando Street and the east side of Santo Domingo Street. Santa Anaheim can also be reached by boat from San Pedro Street in San Juan City and from Santa Cruz Street at the western end of Santa Rosa Street.

Downtown can be reached from San Fernando Street and Santa Rosa Street in San Juan City and from Santo Domingo Street at the western end of Santa Cruz Street. Across the street is Barnes & Noble and Santiago Park, the best park in the city, is also available.

There are numerous shuttles and private bus companies that regularly operate regular services, some of which can offer group discounts. Taxi to the airport or Disneyland costs $49 each way, or you can take a bus from the Orange County Transportation Authority. The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society offers guided walks through the city's historic buildings, museums and parks.

The fares listed on this travel website are only valid if you have luggage and are sitting in the aisle, and the tariff lists on these travel portals apply to you.

Pregnant mothers, especially those with hand luggage, should be able to get in and out of the plane as a priority, but New York's airports always delay landing and departure by at least 30 minutes. If you are in the airport area, we recommend you pay more for a taxi, Uber or Lyft, rather than trying to use public transport that could risk missing your flight. Shared ride vans can make several stops along the way to pick people up and drop them off, which can take longer.

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) operates Interstate 405 (I-405) between Santa Ana and Los Angeles, which runs parallel to and through the city. SR-57 Go through Santa Claus Ana, and can be a good alternative to visiting or from downtown Los Angeles, but not as fast as the 405.

Visitors to Anguib beach take the longer but equally picturesque boat route, and while you can safely escape and take pictures everywhere, the tower is taboo. As there are no private resorts, you have to behave and park in the parking lot.

The reception is very, very cheerful and helpful until 8 pm, and the reception asks you to go your own way until your arrival to see what can be done. Everyone was very friendly, allowed us to board early and helped us to distract them when our toddler was crying. We missed our flight, but we were asked at reception to ask if we had tried another way before we arrived, which we did, as we see what we can do.

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More About Santa Ana